About workshops

Focus area/objective of workshops: Education and capacity building, increase in the volume of common formal, informal and non-formal educational tools and teacher training opportunities.

The date of workshops: 13/09/2019–15/09/2019.

A preparatory series of theoretical and practical workshops on the problems of methods and tools of Political Science with the participation of experts from the V4 countries and Ukraine. The project’s partners (from the countries of the Visegrad Group) and some experts from Ukraine, as well as partially the staff of the applicant department will be involved in the workshops (in the role of lecturers). The staff of the applicant and other departments, the PhD students’ environments, as well as all interested persons will be invited to attend workshops (as listeners).

During the workshops, there will be presented the information that directly relates to the objectives of the project, i.e. to the improvement of methods and tools of Political Science in Ukraine. The information received by the staff of the applicant department will be disseminated in the educational and scientific process for students in the future. In addition, the obtained information under the condition of the applicant’s financial capacity will be used to prepare a collection of materials based on the results of workshops.

The target group of workshops mainly concerns the department and faculty of the applicant, the selected experts, relevant departments in other educational institutions of Ukraine, partners of the project. The selection of the participants of the target group will be primary automatic and targeted (depending on the specific part of the target group). The participants of workshops will be able to share and acquire information that will be distributed in the future in relevant educational and research institutions of Ukraine and the V4 and can be used to improve methods and tools of Political Science in Ukraine. The experts of workshops will be primarily university teachers, so they will effectively share the received information among students. An indirect target group is staff of the departments of Political Science of various Ukrainian universities that will not be involved to the project, but will be able to improve the skills in methods and tools of Political Science through workshops materials. Students of universities are also beneficiaries of the project. The representatives of authorities, administrative and party organizations are another non-target group.

The role of the project’s applicant is to develop the main vector and model of workshops on the problems of methods and tools of Political Science. Some experts from the applicant department will co-operate and communicate with the partners from the V4 countries to coordinate the topics of their speeches and research/teaching materials (which will be used for the relevant publication). The integrity of workshops (on methods and tools of Political Science, in particular from the point of view of the issues of parties and elections) will be ensured on the basis of close rapporteurship. The applicant will likewise try to bring into workshops some leading experts not only from the countries of the V4, but also from Ukraine. Thus, it will be able to solve the problem in a comprehensive way.