Project Target Groups and Indicators

The main target groups / stakeholders of the project are: the students’ audience of the Department of Political Science; the postgraduate staff of the Department of Political Science and other departments of the applicant university; the teaching staff of the Department of Political Science and other departments of the applicant university; the expert, teaching and research staff of the partner institutions from the countries of the Visegrad Group and Ukraine; the teaching, expert and post-graduate staff of Political Science and related departments of other institutions of higher education and specialized research institutions in Ukraine; other interested persons. The selection will be conducted on an automatic, targeted and / or voluntary basis. Expected minimum number of participants in the project should be about 50 people.

Indirect target groups of the project are staffs of the departments of Political Science of various Ukrainian universities that will not be involved into the project, but will be able to improve the skills in methods and tools of Political Science through workshops and conference materials. Students of universities are also beneficiaries of the project. The representatives of authorities, administrative and party organizations are another non-target group.

Thematic result indicators of the project are the issues that: the planned objectives of the project will be implemented on the basis of the applicant intentions, experience of experts from partner institutions and desire of self-improving in the applicant university; the planned objectives of the project can be checked for their implementation based on the number of people involved in the project and the number / quality of publications distributed among the participants and non-participants of the project; the project objectives can also be verified on the basis of the compliance of the events and products of the project with the key goal of the applicant’s activities, the project’s budget execution, the interest of other Ukrainian universities in project and assistance of the IVF. The key to check the perspective of the project is to use new methods and tools of Political Science in the applicant university. This can be verified through a direct project’s audiences and due to transplantation of knowledge from teachers to students. This will be verified through the use of methods of Political Science in the work of the applicant’s staff and due to the interest of other institutions in further development of the problem.

In order to share the activities and results of the project, the applicant undertakes to: inform the public on this site/sub-site of the project, as well as on a social networking page; inform the teaching and scientific community during the preparation of events and results and search for relevant experts of the project; inform the applicants university’s environment about future, current and past events and their results. The project results and information about the IVF will also be distributed through printed products. The applicant plans and undertakes to carry out activities based on the expected results of the project, which should expand the field, the objectives of activity and target audience of the applicant department. Since methods and tools of Political Science will be improved not only as a goal itself, but also will contribute to educational and scientific progress of the applicant university. Accordingly, the applicant will try to improve methods of teaching and research in Political Science, hold similar conferences and workshops, cooperate with the current and new partners in the field.